Have Any Questions?

Have You Any Question?

Yes, is registered in Australia as "NOVIX SYSTEMS PTY LTD" . is involved in crypto trading, real estate, oil trading and agricultural trading which enables our company to generate profits for our investors.

Registration is easy, simply click the "Get Started" button, fill out the required information and click the "Register" button. An Email will be sent to you if you registration was successful.

For security reasons, we do not allow users to change their e-mail after registration. If you would like to change your e-mail, please contact our support and we will guide you through the process of changing it.

You can contact our support through clicking the "Contact" link or by clicking the "Live Chat" Button. Our Support is always active and ready to attend to you

To start investing, you can make a deposit as low as $50. However, before choosing an investment plan, you need to ensure that your account balance meets the minimum requirement specified for the selected plan. Additionally, you have the flexibility to make multiple deposits up to a maximum amount of $50,000.

Your account balance will be immediately credited when you deposit USDT (Tether). However, for other cryptocurrencies, it may take up to 5 confirmations on the blockchain network before the deposit is reflected in your account.

Yes, you can

The minimum amount for withdrawal is $250. There is no maximum limit for withdrawal.

Withdrawing your funds is just as simple as depositing them. All you have to do is go to your user dashboard and click on the "Withdraw" button located in the side menu. This will reveal a dropdown menu where you can click the "New Request" button. You will then be prompted to input your password to continue. After that, you need to select the cryptocurrency you want to receive payment in, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and provide your wallet address. Finally, click the "Complete Request" button, and your withdrawal request will be sent.

No, will not charge you any withdrawal fees.

Withdrawal usually take less than 24 Hours to be processed.

No, you do not need to make a deposit to take part in our referral program.

You can see your upline by clicking on "Referrals", and you will see the username of your upline. If there is no username there, it means you have no upline.

No, you cannot register multiple accounts from the same device or IP address and they cannot be your referral.