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Novixinvest is a trusted investment website that has been offering reliable and professional financial services since 2000. Our parent company, Novix Systems Pty Ltd, is a renowned name in the financial industry and birthed Novixinvest to provide clients with exceptional investment opportunities.

We understand that making wise investment decisions is crucial for achieving financial goals. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping clients achieve success by providing a wide range of investment options, such as cryptocurrency, real estate, oil trading and agricultural trading.

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How we Work

Providing Value To Our Investors Through Innovation


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Upon completing the registration process, the next step is to fund your investor account. However, it's crucial to complete the KYC process from your dashboard first to ensure the security of your funds.


Choosing an investment Plan

Assuming that you have reviewed our list of innovative and carefully organized investment plans, funding your account allows you to select the plan that best suits your portfolio.



Once you have chosen your preferred investment plan from the investor dashboard, all that is required of you is to sit back and watch as our experts handle the investment process. Once your investment period is complete, you may choose to withdraw your funds if you so desire.

What We Do

We Prioritize Transparency And Strive To Provide Clients With The Best Possible Investment Advice And Services


Novixinvest is actively involved in cryptocurrency trading activities. We provide our clients with access to a range of popular cryptocurrencies.


Real Estate

Through our network of long-term strategic relationships, Novixinvest has a proven track record of identifying real estate investment opportunities.


Oil Trading

At Novixinvest, we aim to become the preferred community partner as we pursue sustainable and innovative development of oil.


Agricultural Trading

Our agricultural specialists recognize that various types of farming have unique requirements.


More About Novixinvest

Different goals require different approach

Novixinvest's website is designed to make investing easy and accessible for everyone. Our user-friendly interface enables clients to track their investments, analyze their portfolios, and make informed decisions on the go.

Novixinvest provides the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency assets with flexible payment options and no high entry thresholds. Payment can be made conveniently and without limitations.


What Our Investors Say About Us

I should have started with Novixinvest many years ago!


I am extremely satisfied with the service and advice of Novixinvest. The whole process was seamless and very easy. The best part of it is the actual annualised return on the investment. I am extremely satisfied with the service and advice of Novixinvest.


I needed to invest my savings in an honest company who strives in giving the most reliable customer support. I have been looking everywhere to invest my savings in an honest company who strives in giving the most reliable customer support. I must say the Novixinvest team really takes customer service to the next level. I received quick responses, honest advice and they setup my investment account in quick easy steps. Having Novixinvest as my financial advisor really gives me great peace of mind.


Novixinvest provides a reliable and professional service. Their analysis of the credit worthiness of a diverse range of investments has continually emphasized their care for their clients.


I am very satisfied with the growth on my investment and the outstanding professional assistance from Novixinvest


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